Friday, March 7th, 2014 absolute Setting out of piles – January 2003 – Present

We have travelled throughout England and Wales on behalf of a number of leading piling contractors. Setting out a huge number of piles on both commercial and residential projects. Our ability to set out to the prescribed tolerance and to resolve any problems whilst on site in an accurate and efficient manner has ensured that the contractors regularly engage our services.

Through the winter of 2008 – 2009 we had a daily presence on site in Wisbech for the UK’s largest piling contactor. It was a challenging project with 7 piling rigs working at the same time installing over 5000 piles. We worked alongside the rigs ensuring that we had set out enough pins to enable the seven rigs to work un-interrupted. We also surveyed the positions of the installed piles and produced as-built survey data. Any piles that had drifted out of tolerance whilst being driven were identified and remedial action taken. Quite a demanding task given the cramped working conditions and the tolerances that were required.

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