Friday, March 7th, 2014 absolute Setting Out & Surveying at Heathrow Airport – Terminals 3WIB, 5, 5B & 5C – March 2004 – Present

We were engaged by the Dutch steelwork contractor Zuid Nederlanse Staalbow to set out all of the holding down anchor bolts in both Terminals 5 & 5A. In total we set out over 17’000 bolts to a tolerance of +/- 2mm. We commenced our work on site in September 2004 and made regular visits to site until late 2006. Our remit was to ensure that all of the anchor bolt positions were marked out around two weeks in advance of the erection team. This enabled the erection team to advance at an efficient pace, without any hold up caused be out of place anchor bolts. We were also responsible for the alignment of the steelwork as well as ensuring that it was constructed to the correct levels. Again working to extremely tight tolerances in a difficult environment. Once a section of steelwork was complete, we carried out an as built survey to ensure that it was within tolerance.

We also carried out precise as built surveys on behalf of an international baggage system specialist, Vanderlande Industries. Our work involved carrying out as built surveys of the building superstructure and comparing it to the design drawings. Any discrepancies could then be highlighted, and the design team informed. Any design changes could then be made prior to the manufacture / installation of the baggage system. With over 18 kilometres of conveyors and associated machinery to install to tolerances of +/-2mm in certain locations, unnecessary complications are unwelcome!

We returned to site in February 2009 to carry out the next phase of work – Terminal 5C. Engaged by both Hollandia (formerly ZNS) and VI we carried out similar tasks to our previous visits, setting out over 5000 holding down bolts to the same exacting standards. We also carried out as-built surveys and monitoring using our high accuracy Leica TCRP 1201 instrument.

We currently have a presence on site within the Terminal 3 Western Interface Building. Here, working once again for VI and also JCK, we are performing the same duties as we did on the previous contracts.

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