Topographic and Building Surveying

We have the experience, expertise and equipment to enable us to carry out land and building surveys to the highest accuracy in an efficient manner. Our work varieswidely, below are listed a few examples from the hundreds of surveys that we have carried out:


  • Small topographical surveys for single dwellings
  • Large topographical surveys for large house building developments
  • Topographical surveys of golf courses prior to re-design works
  • Topgraphical surveys of large earthworks projects for both tender and valuation purposes
  • Topographical surveys of large sections of road networks for local authorities
  • High accuracy surveys of machine beds within manufacturing facilities
  • High accuracye as built surveys of developments such as specific sections of Heathrow Terminal
  • Inshore hydrographic surveys of rivers, lagoons and marinas
  • Building floor plan and elevation surveys of listed buildings, office blocks and proposed conversion developments
  • 3D visualisation for planning applications

Hydrographic surveys


We are also capable of carrying out hydrographic surveys using our GPS or Total Station instruments combined with Sonar depth reading equipment.

We have carried out such surveys for; waste disposal contractors who required volumetric calculations of flooded quarries and clay pits prior to purchase, developers converting flooded gravel pits into marinas, quarrying companies requiring pre and post completion surveys following silt removal from settling lagoons and for environmental consultants carrying out flood risk assessments. Our 3.5m long inflatable boat is powered by a 4hp outboard engine which meets the latest emissions regulations. It is operated by a surveyor with the Royal Yachting Associations Powerboat Level 1&2 certificates of competence. We can therefore ensure that all work is carried out in both a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our equipment is suitable for all inland bodies of water, including tidal stretches.

We also offer the following services:

  •  High quality colour plotting to A1
  • Area and volume calculations
  • Earthworks design
  • Non-contact measurement of quarry faces, building facades, and bridge soffitts etc.
  • Control networks
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Precise levelling
  • 3D terrain modelling
  • Visualisation and 3d fly through
  • Line of sight and visibility analysis



To enable us to offer these services at competitive rates and timescales we use the latest surveying equipment and software.

With over 10 years of experience using the leading surveying and modelling software in the UK, LSS, we can be confident of providing accurate models and data for all projects large or small in an efficient manner.

Similarly, we have the same experience using Leica surveying instruments. Our Total Stations are robotic allowing one man operation and have reflectorless measurement capability to enable measurements to be taken to inaccessible locations. Our GPSsystem is the latest from Leica allowing the surveyor to survey to Ordnance Surveycoordinates and level within a few minutes from arriving on site, with out the need for a separate base station on site.

For building floorplan and elevation surveys we use a combination of Total Stations and Leica’s Disto to enable extremely accurate as built plans to be delivered.